Council video series to promote local business

DRAYTON – Council has given the go-ahead for the Mapleton Means Business monthly video series, which will have council members promoting businesses across the township. 

Mapleton Means Business was developed as a branding exercise for the township’s Community Improvement Plan. 

“By providing a commercial opportunity and free advertising we are investing into the businesses that are here and helping them showcase what it is that they do [for] our residents,” read the report from economic development officer Trish Wake. 

Discussions about implementing a regular video series began after Mayor Gregg Davidson, CAO Manny Baron and Wake interviewed businesses in Moorefield, Alma and Drayton for National Pie Day, Jan. 23. 

Like on National Pie Day,  the videos will focus on the mayor and/or council members interviewing business owners and staff with council’s new iPads, with editing through programs like iMovie or Movavi. The videos will be around three minutes long. 

According to the report the videos will feature on the Mapleton’s YouTube channel and will be embedded on the township’s website. 

“Creating another avenue for our businesses to get their names out there is good business retention. It will be an excellent project that will allow us to collaborate and grow the idea,” Wake added in the report. 

Wake also wrote that she expects the free advertising will not only help local businesses but also enhance the township’s social media and drive more hits on the township’s website. 

“You just all signed off (on) doing  videos in town. I hope you know you are going to be all-stars. I set the standard with the pie so now you have to follow up with that,” said Davidson following the passing of the report without question or comment from council. 

Completion of the first video and web page are expected by March 15 so it is ready to showcase at the Drayton Farm Show.