Council ponders county’s new fees

Though the passage of the new Wellington County devel­opment charges is a done deal, Wellington North Mayor Mike Broomhead has some concerns.
He has noted with interest comments and actions taken by Minto council, which lowered its development charges by 33% so as to avoid an increase created when the county pass­ed its development charges bylaw.
Broomhead noted the presentation made by Minto Treasurer Gord Duff and then asked to clarify the local vote on the matter.
Broomhead stated that both he and Minto Mayor David Anderson voted against the charges, while councillors Lynda White and Walter Traschel voted in favour.
Broomhead pointed out Minto’s reaction to the county move was to lower its own development charges.
However, reducing those charges will have an impact on the local level, and he is not certain that is the best ap­proach.
“Lowering charges and land prices might be backwards,” he said.
Broomhead noted Well­ington North’s letter opposing the change to the increased charges was read at the administration, finance and personnel committee (of which he is chairman) and that the same letter appeared in the Well­ington County agenda package – but no comments were made.
“I’m a little bit disappointed,” he said.