Council passes on added costs

Even taking a pass on incurring extra costs on the old South Luther Hall seemed to generate a bit of controversy for Wellington North councillors
A building property committee recommendation that council not incur extra costs, drew comments if the committee could contact the township lawyer – on behalf of council.
Clerk Lori Heinbuch presented the committee with a copy of a letter received from the lawyer acting on behalf of The Friends of the South Luther Hall School, proposing an application to the Superior Court of Justice seeking a declaration.
The committee directed Heinbuch to advise the township solicitor that it is not in favour of becoming a party to that application.
The committee agreed that the matter be deferred pending comments from the township solicitor.
Mayor Mike Broomhead contended the committee’s role is advisory only.
However chairman Ross Chaulk said, “The mayor himself, not too long ago, said he was tired of the additional costs.”
Heinbuch said the South Luther hall group’s solicitor wants to get Wellington North on board as co-applicant to the appeal process.
The current step is the latest in years of discussions, first, on whether to save the South Luther Hall, then to hand it down to a group of local volunteers, only to discover a covenant on the property deed required the building to be de­molished should it pass out of municipal hands.
To dissolve the covenant, all the remaining trustees of the original document would have had to sign.
That did not happen as some objected, so an appeal process has started.
Heinbuch said Wellington North’s building committee said it did not wish to incur more costs.
She added that the Friends of the South Luther Hall want to proceed with or without the township as co-applicant.