Concession 14 bridge target for replacement

In anticipation of future federal or provincial infrastructure grants, Mapleton council has ap­proved  preliminary engineering work for the replacement of a Maryborough bridge.

Director of Public Works Larry Lynch recommended to council that the township retain the services of R.J. Burnside and Associates to complete the “pre-design, design, drawings, and tender preparation” for the replacement of the single-lane bowstring bridge located on Concession 14.

The idea behind the move is to have that project “construction ready” in the event a grant announcement is made by the federal or provincial government.

In the past, one of the main criteria for grant programs has been that projects be construction ready. Such was the case with the Rural Infrastructure Investment Initiative, for which grants were expected to be  announced this week and for which Mapleton has ap­plied for $474,000 for the PMD arena expansion.

Lynch told council he chose the Concession 14 bridge after a review of Burnside’s “2000 to 2004 inventory of [Maple­ton] roads and bridges and the associated assessment of infrastructure needs.”

Councillor Bruce Whale said he supports the preliminary engineering work, but suggested Lynch look into the possibility of using a “pre-cast” structure. Whale added that he assumed there would be an environmental assessment re­quired for the project, and Mayor John Green replied that he could “almost guarantee it.”

Council voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with Burnside for the engineering work, at a price to be negotiated.