Coming GRCA events

July 5

A Bug Hunting Adventure at Laurel Creek Conservation Area, Waterloo, 2pm. Take a close and personal look at six-legged, eight-legged, and no-legged creatures. Learning to appreciate insects will involve rolling logs, sweeping the field and handling some spineless wonders. We will bring the nets and jars, all you need to do is leave your bug spray and bug jackets behind and come out to discover the wonderful world of insects. This program is free with park admission.

Swamp Tromp at  Rockwood Conservation Area, Rockwood, 10am. Explore the water world of Rockwood.

Visitors will find themselves dip-netting with a naturalist, looking for frogs, fish, and invertebrates near the Harris Mill Ruins. Be prepared to get wet feet .

July 10

Creepy Creatures, at Rockwood Conservation Area, Rockwood, 2pm. Cuddle a rat, hold a snake, and more.