Clifford gets federal funds for Homecoming

Perth-Wellington MP John Nater and the Town of Minto, announced July 12  that the Clifford Homecoming Committee will receive $24,100 for the 150th community anniversary and Clifford Homecoming in 2017.

Nater said, “It is great to see the Clifford Homecoming Committee receive this necessary funding. I was proud to support this local committee. The entire community of Clifford has gotten behind the committee and I am glad to see the Government of Canada follow its lead.”

Belinda Wick-Graham, Manager of Economic Development for the Town of Minto, said, “The Clifford Homecoming Committee is working hard to put together a great event in 2017 and the Town of Minto was proud to assist the committee in their successful grant application.”

The Clifford Homecoming will celebrate what would have been 150th anniversary since the construction of the Clifford Grist and Flour Mill.

It will run from August 4 to 7, 2017.

The weekend-long event will commemorate over 150 years of local history.

The $24,100 in funding comes from the federal Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program.