Challenge at school; raised $1,000 for toys for needy children

The students the grade 3 and 4 class of Tracy Speers had a holiday idea.

They decided to organize a toy drive for needy children in the community. They began by bringing in Canadian Tire money, but soon that grew to allowances, birthday money, and even money from the Tooth Fairy.

With help from Speers, $400 dollars worth of toys were purchased within a few weeks. The class then decided to challenge the rest of the school to match the amount of money they had already brought in.

And match it they did. By the end of the St. Joseph school campaign, almost $1,000 worth of toys could be seen displayed at the front of the school. Some of the toys were donations from our parents as well.

The toys were sent to the Community Resource Centre to be sorted and distributed be­fore Christmas.

The school’s hope is that one generous class can make this a happy Christmas for worthy children in this commu­nity.