Century Church Theatre announces its summer festival season

Century Church Theatre here has a summer festival planned, with two funny and very different plays.

Quartet, by Ronald Har­wood, features four  inmates, as they term themselves, of a retirement home for opera singers. Each with a different personality, they are coping with life after 70 in their own ways.

Wilf is outrageous, a tease and a flirt, but will he really ever make it with Cissy? Cissy is full of joy, but in a world of her own.

Reggie has a tantalizing secret he will not share, and a feud with one of the staff. When Jean arrives, the dynam­ics change, as she is not ad­justing well to her circum­stances, and refuses to fit in.

Their determination to make the best of their situation shine through the banter, and as the audience discovers the secrets each has jealously guarded, becomes part of an interlude that is both poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, and the con­clusion is a sheer joy.

It is directed by John Snow­don, and plays July 9 to 19.

 Who’s On First? is billed by its author, Jack Sharkey, as “a nightmare comedy.”

False accusations among friends and lovers lead to wildly improbable situations involving a lamp with strange powers, a rubber chicken, and the strangest party ever. Will it go on forever? Is it an accident or a fiendish plot?

The situ­ations grow wilder and crazier as the pace picks up, and the friends try to find an escape. Directed by Nick Holmes, Who’s On First? plays Aug. 13 to 23.

The festival is associated with ASTRO (The Association of Summer Theatres ‘Round Ontario. (www.summer­the­atre.­org) Matinees are on Wed­nesdays, Thursdays, and Satur­days at 2:30pm. Tickets are $22.

Thursday, Friday and Satur­day evenings at 8pm the tickets are $27. Prices include all taxes and charges. Group discounts for 10 or more tickets.

For reserved seats, call the box office at 519-855-4586. For details, visit www.­century­church­the­atre.­com.