Centre Wellington pre-approves $75,000 in grants

ELORA – Centre Wellington Township has pre-approved a grant budget allocation of $75,000 for 2020.

Of that total, $49,450 will be allocated to community impact grants and $25,550 to specific annual grants.

On Aug. 26, Dorothy Smith, manager of community development, festivals, culture and tourism, said the specific annual grants are already allocated.

As for the community impact grants, that process is ongoing.

“We have a brand new committee that has formed that will make these decisions and this will now allow them ample time to go through [the applications] and take their time,” she said. “I’m hoping that we’ll still get the breakdown to council for December, but if not at least we have pre-approval and we’ll be in good shape for the committee to take their time and go through the applications.”

Acting meeting chair Stephen VanLeeuwen said, “It is good to get a head start on this because it does take time for sure to go through each program.”

Council unanimously passed the pre-approved grant budget. Councillor Kirk McElwain has a conflict of interest due to his work with Sensational Elora and Mayor Kelly Linton was absent.