Centre Wellington council briefs: Council enters into subdivision agreement

ELORA – Centre Wellington has entered into a subdivision agreement with Granwood Subdivision for the third, and final, phase of the Elora development.

On Aug. 26 the township entered into the agreement with Wrighthaven Homes Limited.

The subdivision is located on the south side of the Grand River, east of Waterloo Street and south of McNab Street. 

Managing director of planning and development Brett Salmon said Wrighhaven Homes offered to fund the facilities within the neighbourhood park block, over and above the parkland dedication land.

“Construction of this park was not scheduled until 2021 but with developer funding the park can be completed earlier than scheduled,” Salmon wrote in his report.

“A separate memorandum of agreement is being developed for the park construction as it is outside of the subdivision.”

Demolition permit

Another house listed on the township’s Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties has been approved for a partial demolition permit – for an uncovered front porch and enclosed side porch and steps.

While the house at 210 Chalmers Street in Elora is listed, it is not designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

“The owner has requested demolition due to poor structural condition and plans to build a new addition on the other side of the house,” senior planner Mariana Iglesias wrote in her report.

After the heritage committee’s evaluation it was decided the demolition of the porches would not negatively impact the property’s heritage value.

Council approved the demolition.

Toll booth

The Elora firefighters are holding a toll booth on Metcalfe Street in Elora on Sept. 21 from 8am to 4pm.

Proceeds will go to Muscular Dystrophy Canada.