Centre gets Musashi donation

The Welling­ton County Learning Centre was pleased to receive a dona­tion from  from Musashi Auto Parts Inc. associates.

Lesley Morris and Susan Sizer, on behalf of the Musashi social committee, called to an­nounce a donation to the centre of $317. 

Musashi is the largest com­pany in Arthur, with over 400 employees and two plants over 130,000 square feet. It provides transmission components, pre­cision steering, and suspension components to a worldwide market.

Musashi employees are community minded and hold numerous fundraisers, dinners, and other events to raise money for various nonprofit commu­nity agencies in and around the community. Sometimes the com­pany will match the funds raised by his employees as an added bonus. Through a big book sale, the donation was matched by the company.

This is not the first donation the Learning Centre has re­ceived from Musashi, and it has used the funds in the past to serve the literacy and numeracy needs of adults in Wellington County. While the Learning Cen­tre only receives funding to serve 68 adults, last year it helped more than 157 adults improve their reading and writing, get their GED or pre­pare for college.

Musashi and the Learning Centre have also worked to­geth­er to provide potential em­ployees with a math orientation that helps in refreshing their math skills needed to work at Musashi. As well, Musashi re­cent­ly donated five computers for the Learning Centre’s com­puter lab.

The centre is delighted with the donations and its rela­tionship with Musashi and the staff and board of directors said thanks and wished them conti­nued success.

submitted by Elizabeth Debergh