Carry On Women’s Institute celebrates history

PALMERSTON –  Despite COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, the local Women’s Institute here celebrated the organization’s anniversary last month.

Social distancing in an outside backyard, the group commemorated not only the 82-year history of Palmerston’s Carry-On Women’s Institute, but also the 100th anniversary of Wes and Anne Reid’s house where the gathering was held.

For nearly 20 years before the formation of an institute, rural women as a club had been devoting time and funds towards local needs, a few charities, and the war effort.

On Aug. 18, 1938, 15 ladies formed a branch of the Women’s Institute and named themselves “Carry-On” in order to carry on, and continue to support the community.

Over the years there’s been a huge fluctuation in numbers, but 82 years later, 11 women paid respect to all those who had gone before.

Of the original 20 institutes in the North Wellington District, only two remain: Carry-On and Alma.

An extensive history was recently recorded and filed with the Wellington County Historical Society and the museum and archives.

The Carry-On Women’s Institute encourages young women to join.

Submitted by Willa Wick

Willa Wick