Board suggests early start to school year

It likely will not be popular with students, but the Upper Grand District School Board is considering an earlier starting date for the 2009-10 school year, which could have students in class before Septem­ber.

“While school traditionally begins the Tuesday after Lab­our Day, this year Labour Day is very late (Sept. 7) and this poses significant challenges in determining the school year calendar,” said board spokes­man Maggie McFadzen in a press release.

Under the Education Act school boards must submit to the ministry a school year calendar that includes 194 days.  However, since there are only 192 days between Labour Day and the end of June 2010, any calendar that begins on the Tuesday after Labour Day will not meet the requirements.

As a result, the 2009-2010 school year will commence during the week prior to La­bour Day this year. The Mon­day of that week falls Aug. 31.

“While we have not yet set the date for the start of school, it will be during the first week of September,” McFadzen said.

“Please consider adjusting your vacation and child care plans accordingly.”

The school year calendar committee will bring the recommended school year calendar forward to the board for approval on March 31.