Bill paid with protest

Even though Wellington North council contends that the coming levy increase by the Maitland Valley Conservation Authority is unacceptable, its bills are being paid as per usual.
Councillors here recently received notification of the levy increase from $21,485 last year to $23,533.
The increase for Wellington North is roughly 9.5%
Wellington North Mayor Mike Broomhead pointed out that Minto’s levy to the MVCA was more than Wellington North’s.
“We may not like it, but there’s not a whole helluva lot we can do about it,” said councillor Ross Chaulk.
Councillor Dan Yake countered, “You know my feelings on this; we’ve complained enough. We should take a stand.” He suggested council send a letter to the MVCA stating the increase is too high.
Broomhead said council can send a letter stating the increase is unacceptable.
However, later, as councillors discussed the accounts, Yake noted that even as council planned to send a letter with its concerns on the levy increase, the township was paying its quarterly levy to the conservation authority – as usual.
Broomhead explained the letter stated council did not like the increase – not that it was refusing to pay it.