Belwood Lions complete Groves Hospital donation pledge ahead of schedule

BELWOOD – The Belwood Lions club has now completed its Pike Derby donation of a vital signs monitor for the endoscopy department at Groves hospital. 

During the May 28 and 29 Pike Derby and Walleye Tournament, Belwood Lions officials pledged $10,000 over two years for the purchase of the machine. 

“With the support of our derby sponsors, the success of the derby and the result of our members actively collecting and recycling beer and wine bottles, [we] have comfortably raised money to allow us to pursue all of our charity donation objectives,” states an email from Gord Hufnagel, co-chair of the Pike Derby and Walleye Tournament committee. 

“As such, we have decided to pay our two-year pledge in full, and now look forward to working with Groves to select another project [to] benefit our community…”

Hufnagel told the Advertiser he likes to have a slush fund, but there was enough to meet the two-year commitment. He thanked all anglers and sponsors and invited everyone to join next year’s derby, slated for May 27 and 28.