Balloon promotes farming

A yellow harvest balloon began a journey across the Ontario sky­line Aug. 13 as part of an eight-week tour.

Sponsored by Hyland Seeds in conjunction with Farmers Feed Cities, and 4-H Ontario, the 65 foot tall hot air balloon will soar through the sky to draw attention to the vital role of agriculture to all Ontarians. The balloon was launched in the Guelph area.

The harvest balloon will pay tribute to the more than 57,000 farms across Ontario. Farmers in Ontario produce an abundance of food. Ontario farm­ers grow more than two million acres of corn and each acre produces 140 bushels on average.

The eight-week tour in­clud­es flights and stops from south­western Ontario to the Ottawa Valley. For a complete tour schedule and list of events visit

A new harvest balloon was created this year to acknow­ledge all campaign partners.