Area doctor named peer auditor by College of Physicians

Dr. Nicole Pet­rov was recently selected by the College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) to become one of its peer auditors.

In that position, she will travel around the province sev­eral times a month and evaluate the practices of other physi­cians.

The CPSO is the governing body for all doctors in Ontario, and as part of their quality assurance program, a small, sel­ect group of physicians is chosen to assess medical practices of doctors to ensure they are upholding the top standards for patient care and medical documentation.

Petrov said in an interview on Monday she is unsure how many auditors there are in On­tario, but she noted that when she received her auditor train­ing recently, there were ten doctors involved.

She said the doctor who completed her audit has been doing them for over 20 years, and recommended she receive the appointment.

She received very high marks when she was audited.

“It’s quite a flattering posi­tion,” she said of the appoint­ment.

Dr. Petrov said the idea behind the program is to ensure that all doctors are following the best practices for such things as record keeping, referrals, and patient care.

She said she expects that her new post will bring benefits to her own practice because she expects to learn from other doctors while she does her evaluation of them.

“It’s a great education,” she said of her opportunity.

She explained, “I get to learn things from their prac­tice, and I can bring them back to our community.”

She said doctors are audited about five years after they begin their own practices, and then they are audited randomly for the rest of their careers, with a select number chosen for the process every year.

Dr. Petrov said that she can help to determine the best ways to treat patients in her own practice, and with this new job she gets to have an effect on the way other doctors treat their patients.