An eventful afternoon at the Elora Poetry Centre

The Good Hearted Women Singers opened the afternoon at the Elora Poetry Centre last Saturday with smudging, drumming and singing. They were followed by poetry readings and performances by Fish Quill Poets Linda Besner, Leigh Kotsilidis, Asa Boxer, Jessica Moore and Abigail Lapell, the latter two being singer-songwriters.

Several poems by Asa Boxer that had been set to music by Peter Skoggard, along with two further poems by Jerry Prager and Morvern McNie, were performed by sopranos Marion Samuel Stevens and Emily Grignon, accompanied by Brett Kingsbury, pianist.  

A light finger supper and beverages was offered to 60 or more guests. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather for words, music and meeting new and interesting people.

submitted by Daniel Bratton.