Accident rate down at some of Mapleton’s most dangerous intersections

Only one incident at former collision hotspot since roundabout installed 2015

MAPLETON – An updated report from the local fire department shows a reduction in the rate of accidents at some intersections previously considered the most dangerous in this township.

The original 2017 report covering only accidents responded to by Mapleton Fire Rescue indicated the corners of Wellington Roads 8 and 12 (south of Drayton) and Wellington Roads 7 and 12 (at Parker) were historically the most dangerous within the municipality.

The report indicated 34 collisions occurred at the Wellington Road 8 and 12 corner during the study period (1997 to 2017)

The original report revealed the intersections with the next highest accident figures were:

  • Wellington Roads 7 and 12, 30 accidents;
  • Wellington Roads 9 and 8, 17 accidents;
  • Wellington Roads 8 and 10, 15 accidents; and
  • Wellington Roads 11 and 7, 14 accidents.

Fire Chief Rick Richardson noted responses within Mapleton by the Arthur, Elora, Floradale and Linwood fire departments are not included.

Richardson also pointed out the report does not contain information on accidents at Teviotdale (Wellington Roads 7, 9 and 123) and Wellington Roads 8 and 9 between Drayton and Palmerston, known locally as “the S-Bends,” as both Mapleton and Minto fire services respond to calls at those intersections.

An updated report on accidents within the township since 2018 was presented by Fire Chief Rick Richardson at the Sept. 22 Mapleton council meeting.

Richardson told council the intersection of Wellington Roads 8 and 12, scene of the most accidents in the original report, has been omitted from the updated list as no further collisions have been responded to by Mapleton Fire Rescue since the 2017 report was presented to council in January of 2018.

“This is in addition to only one minor MVC (motor vehicle collision) being recorded since 2015, when the roundabout was completed,” Richardson added.

The intersection of Wellington Roads 11 and 7 has also been omitted from the list as no further collisions have been responded to by Mapleton at that intersection.

Richardson suggested a change in signage placement may have been a factor in the reduction.

“We’ve had no accidents there since they moved the sign way back,” the fire chief explained.

Wellington Roads 7 and 12, the Parker intersection, has been the scene of the most accidents since the original report, with 11 accidents occurrinig at the corner since 2017.

Four accidents have occurred at the corner of Wellington Roads 8 and 10 since 2017.

The report lists three accidents, all in 2020, at the intersection of Wellington Roads 8 and 9 since 2017.

However, Richardson noted Minto firefighters respond to some of the calls at the intersection.

“We’ve had three recently, in the last couple of months, that happened at the S-bend, as its also known,” Richardson told council.

One of those accidents, on Aug. 10, claimed the life of a 55-year-old Caledon woman and sparked renewed calls for construction of a roundabout at the corner, which borders on Wellington and Perth counties.

“As well, the Moorefield corner, (Wellington) Road 8 and Road 10, is one that showed higher numbers,” Richardson continued.

He indicated in his report that a copy would be provided to the County of Wellington’s roads and engineering department.

Mayor Gregg Davidson pointed out the apparent correlation between the installation of a roundabout and the reduction in accidents at the intersection of Wellington Roads 8 and 12.

“I note there were 34 accidents or crashes at that intersection before the roundabout went in and now there’s only one (since 2015) and you look at Parker right now and its number is 43 (from 1997 to 2020),” said Davidson.

“I know it’s in the county plan to have Parker done.

“It’s probably seven years out and it’s something that I’ll be working with the county roads committee and try to either push that project forward or put in other measures at Parker and I’ll also do that same conversation with the S-bend. We need to protect our residents that use those roads.”

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