2009 Wellington County Plowing Match results

The following are the results for the to 2009 Wellington County Plowing Match, held on Aug. 20 at the farm of George Robinson on County Road 39, north of Guelph.


Class 1, Horses: Cecil Wells (of Paris), Norman Craigie, (Mount Forest).

Class 2, Tractors, 2 furrows: Shawn Brodhaecker (Cam­bridge), Carman Weppler (Clif­ford), Barry De Teer (Thorn­ton), Nathan Fried (Bright).

Class 5, Tractors, 3 furrows: Arnold Rife (Kitchener).

Class 10, Ladies: Kari-Anne Jokic (Cambridge), Helen Moffat (Drayton).

Class 11A, Antique tractors and trail plows: Dennis Royle (Branchton), Ken O’Brien (Mid­hurst), Howard Timbers (Aur­ora), Bob Hickson (Cooks­town), Winston Roberts (Toronto), Richard Augustine (Kilworthy), Willy Arnold (Fisherville), David Adams (Cam­bridge).

Class 11B, Antique tractors and mounted plows: Don Numikhoven (Cambridge), Doug MacRobbie (Guelph), Hugh Henderson (Hagersville).

Mayors and councillors class: Walter Trachsel, Carl Hall.

Best crown: Cecil Wells (horse class) and Barry De Teer (tractor).

Best finish: Shawn Brod­haecker (tractor).

Ins and outs: Helen Moffat.

Royal Bank Trophy: Joey Cook.

Wellington County special: Norman Craigie (horse) and Carman Weppler (tractor).

Queen of the Furrow contestants: Katherine Clyne, Har­riston; Nicole Lanselink, Pal­merston; Cassandra Chor­no­boy, Rockwood. The Queen of the Furrow will be chosen at the Oct. 16 banquet at Knox Presbyterian Church in Elora.

Organizers thanked all the competitors, as well as the exhi­bitors, the ladies who prepared the lunch and snacks and George Robinson for hosting the event.