1979 Cadillac to be featured at Palmerston Car and Truck Show

PALMERSTON – Every year Palmerston Car and Truck Show organizers pick a feature vehicle to be showcased at the show.

The 2019 vehicle is a 1979 Cadillac Deville owned by Gary O’Grady of Palmerston.  The car has only had two owners, the original owner and O’Grady. It was purchased from Jackson Motors in Listowel and never left the area.

O’Grady was between jobs and painting a local gentleman’s kitchen when he asked about the car outside. The owner told Gary to sit in the car and he fell in love, show officials state.

“I knew that was the car I wanted and asked if he would consider selling it,” said O’Grady.

Unfortunately the answer was no. A few years later the owner passed away and O’Grady asked the family again and was finally able to purchase the car.

A little TLC

If he had not persisted in getting this car it was headed to the scrap yard with only 32,000 miles on it.

Now with 44,000 miles on it, the car has only had a new head liner, a few small parts and little TLC.

“It’s the best riding car I have owned,” says O’Grady.

Recently his grandson asked if he could have the car when Gary’s done with it “because if he gives it to his dad, he’ll never get a chance to drive it.”

The show will be held at the Lions Heritage Park in Palmerston on Aug. 25. O’Grady’s vehicle and many others will be on display.