Woman hits exciting milestone, turns 100

ELORA – Wynn Ingham, resident at the Heritage River Retirement Residence in Elora, has hit an exciting milestone.

On Sept. 16, Ingham turns 100, a number not many people see. Ingham told the Advertiser the secret to living a long life is to surround yourself with love.

“I had some lovely children and they kept me going and just everyday living. We tried in our home to have peace and quiet.

“I had a lovely family that was easy to handle and we did a lot of travels on our trips in the summertime,” she added.

“We’ve had many happy times together as a family.”

When asked how it feels to have hit the century mark, Ingham responded “it’s creeped up on me. It’s amazing how the years go by and before you know it, you’re caught.

“I would still like to be younger again, but I don’t know where all the years went and I even hate to mention it, my years, because I don’t feel that age.”