Who’s running in the municipal election?

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Nominations for the 2022 municipal election are open. 

Candidates can officially file nominations for the offices of mayor, councillor or school board trustee until Aug. 19. 

Candidates who wish to submit their nominations must: 

  • make an appointment with the clerk’s office to file their nomination package no later than Aug. 19 at 2pm;
  • submit the required 25 endorsements with their nomination for all positions other than school board trustee;
  • show ID with name and qualifying municipal address; and
  • pay the filing fee ($200 for mayor or $100 for councillor or trustee).

Nomination packages must be filed before candidates can accept election contributions or incur campaign expenses.

As of June 9 at 11am, the following candidates had announced they are running: 

Centre Wellington

  • Neil Dunsmore, mayor;
  • Shawn Watters, mayor;
  • Lisa MacDonald, Ward 1;
  • Kimberley Jefferson, Ward 2;
  • Jennifer Adams, Ward 4;  and
  • Bronwynne Wilton; Ward 5.


  • Chris White, mayor;
  • Bruce Dickieson, Ward 1;
  • Corey Woods, Ward 2;
  • Lisa Logan-Dayman, Ward 3;
  • Steven Liebig, Ward 3; and
  • Mark Bouwmeester, Ward 4.


  • Gregg Davidson, mayor;
  • Marlene Ottens, councillor;
  • Amanda Reid, councillor; and
  • Bill Spies, councillor.


  • James Seeley, mayor; and
  • Sara Bailey, councillor. 

Town of Minto

  • Dave Turton, mayor;
  • Ron Elliott, deputy mayor; and
  • Geoff Gunson, councillor. 

Wellington North 

  • Dan Yake, mayor; and
  • Sherry Burke, Ward 2.

Wellington Catholic District School Board

  • Andrew Finoro, trustee; and
  • Cassandra O’Donnell, trustee. 

Wellington County

  • Earl Campbell, Ward 2;
  • Campbell Cork, Ward 3;
  • Mary Lloyd, Ward 5; and
  • Jeff Duncan, Ward 9.