Wellington North tax levy increases by 3.3%; tax impact is 1.8%

KENILWORTH – Wellington North taxes are going up, but the increase will be partially offset by organic growth in the township.

Township finance director Adam McNabb began his Jan. 13 presentation stating the proposed tax levy for Wellington North’s operating budget only was down by $497,792 (9%) from 2019.

Council has approved a 2020 budget of $18,403,978 and McNabb explained $7,672,957  of that will be raised through taxation.

That is 3.33% higher than  last year’s levy of $7,425,439.

However, because of overall assessment growth within the township, McNabb said taxes will increase by 1.8% for local residents.

The capital budget is $18,917,988, down from $20,089,907 in 2019.

McNabb noted about $9 million of the capital budget is funded through year-over-year carryover, which explains why the capital budget appears higher than the overall budget.

For each tax dollar collected by the municipality, 49.9% goes to Wellington County, 37.6% to Wellington North and 12.4% to local school boards.

Assessment growth within the municipality means the average home assessed at $257,935 in 2019 is now assessed at $269,673. The result is the homeowner will pay $5 more in local taxes ($1,244 in 2019 and $1,249 in 2020).

Using estimates of county and education taxes, McNabb said overall taxes will increase from $3,279 to $3,320 for the average homeowner.

Farm tax rate

Resident Jens Dam asked if consideration would be given to lowering taxation on farm properties.

Mayor Andy Lennox stated the tax rate imposed on farm properties is determined by the county.

“It is not something Wellington North has a choice on,” said Lennox.

Dam noted that as mayor, Lennox is a member of county council. Lennox agreed but stated he is just one voice on a 16-member county council.

He added the farm tax rate is something the county will likely be discussing.

Councillor Dan Yake thanked McNabb and his team for their work on the 2020 budget.

Lennox agreed, adding, “I think this is a budget we can all buy into.”

2020 capital projects

Capital projects slated for 2020 include:

– Durham/Church in Mount Forest, $110,820;

– Durham St. East in Mount Forest, $329,475;

– Wellington St. East Mount Forest, $166,000;

– updating the master servicing plans for Arthur and Mount Forest water and wastewater, $65,000;

– South Water Street in Mount Forest, $55,590

– master stormwater management plan, $65,000;

– sidewalk master plan, $20,500;

– industrial park servicing in Mount Forest, $48,000;

– community-initiated projects, $50,000;

– Kenilworth generator, $75,000;

– council microphone/sound system, $3,260;

– council table replacement, $6,690;

– council video system, $10,755;

– administration records management software, $25,000;

– Concession 9 bridge (between Sideroads 6W and 7W), $319,000;

– Line 8 bridge (between Sideroads 3 and 7), $50,000;

– 1st Line bridge (between Sideroads 25 and 30), $197,000;

– George/Smith St. in Arthur (connecting Link project contingent on funding), $2,000,000;

– Sideroad 10 West, $110,000;

– paving of Concession 6 North (between Highways 6 and 89), $580,000; and

– paving of Sideroad 5 East (Concession 6N to east of Spring Valley), $120,000.

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