Lennox: County to add Mount Forest housing units

KENILWORTH – More affordable housing is in the future for Wellington North.

As part of his Wellington County update on June 24, Wellington North Mayor Andy Lennox advised his local councillors that more housing is on the way to Mount Forest.

He said Wellington County’s Social Services department is planning additional social housing in Wellington North – specifically a build at 440 King Street in Mount Forest.

Lennox described it as a four-unit townhouse development. Each is a three-bedroom townhome to accommodate more families.

“It will add to the housing available for lower income individuals.”

Lennox anticipated building the units will be later this year or early next year.

“The units should fit in nicely with the existing neighbourhood,” Lennox added.

Attainable housing

Lennox added there has been some movement regarding an attainable housing pilot project.

“It looks like we are the leaders in that project.”

He stated the county is already making contributions helping Wellington North work towards that in hope that if the project is a success, it can be replicated in communities across the county.”

Gordonville Bridge

Lennox noted the Gordonville Bridge on Wellington Road 14 is almost complete except for some fine details.

He added the bridgework was supposed to be completed last year.

“Traffic is back to zipping through there at full speed.”

Road resurfacing

He noted “another chunk of Wellington Road 14 is scheduled to be resurfaced from Tucker Street in Arthur to just north of Sideroad 9.

“If you’ve driven that road you’ll know the pavement is not in the greatest shape.”

That work is slated for later this year.

Lennox added additional work is set for Wellington Road 16 between Line 2 and Wellington Road 109, plans include a culvert replacement.

“Last year we’d shifted all the traffic from Wellington Road 14 to 16. Now we’ll shift the traffic back as the culvert is replaced.”

Councillor Lisa Hern commented that she really appreciated the reports coming in from Wellington County council members.