WDGPH now reporting workplace outbreaks of COVID-19

GUELPH – Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) has started reporting workplace COVID-19 outbreaks on its website.

This is in addition to reporting on outbreaks at long-term care, retirement homes and institutions, and at schools and daycare centres.

But don’t expect to find a company name on the list. Instead, the list includes general workplace categories.

As of Feb. 18, there are five active outbreaks in the category that includes offices, warehousing, shipping, distribution, construction and manufacturing; and zero outbreaks in any of the other categories.

The list gives no indication of how many individuals in those workplaces have tested positive.

According to the list, there have been a total 54 workplace outbreaks of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. They fall in these categories:

  • bar, restaurant, nightclub: seven cumulative outbreaks;
  • event venues, gatherings, religious facilities: one outbreak;
  • medical/health services (non-institutional): two outbreaks;
  • retails/grocery/mall: one outbreak;
  • farms: one outbreak;
  • offices, warehousing, shipping, distribution, construction, manufacturing: five active outbreaks, 33 cumulative outbreaks; and
  • other workplaces: six cumulative outbreaks.

This level of outbreak reporting allows the public to understand where transmission is happening, say public health officials.

“We report specific outbreaks where required,” such as in long-term care and retirement facilities and hospitals, said WDGPH spokesperson Danny Williamson.

“For workplace outbreaks, we inform the public where risk exists of public transmission from the facility outbreak.”

Public health workplace COVID-19 outbreaks data as of Feb. 19. (WDGPH image)