Township’s first off-leash dog park to open in Rockwood

ROCKWOOD – A new off-leash dog park will open in Rockwood on July 6 – but sorry, out-of-towners, this one is for locals only during COVID-19.

The realization of the park came from high demand in the community, said Kristen Chiasson, parks and recreation administrative assistant, and it’s been years in the works.

This is the first one in the township, she said.

“We’d love people from out of town to utilize it – once COVID is over,” she said.

“Right now, it’s just for the township.”

The park is located in Rockmosa Park in the corner by the new subdivision, she said, and shouldn’t interfere with farmer’s market traffic.

Dogs are to be kept on leash until they are inside the fenced area.

Dogs must also have a valid dog license and must be wearing the tag.

Licenses are supplied by DocuPet and are available through the township’s website.

Dog handlers must be 16 or older, children under six are not allowed in, and children under 12 must be supervised by an adult.

Handlers must pick up dog waste as well.

Chiasson said township officials can’t enforce physical distancing in the dog park, but it’s certainly recommended.

“It’s hard with dogs to stay apart. We hope people will be considerate and be safe,” she said.

The Rockwood dog park will open on July 6. Photo by Joanne Shuttleworth