Township restricts parking near school in Drayton

MAPLETON – Council has amended the township’s parking bylaw to restrict parking to one side of the road on both High Street and Smith Drive in Drayton in order to enhance pedestrian safety in the area.

A report from public works director Sam Mattina notes residents of High Street have expressed concern about the safety of pedestrians, especially children, and the safe flow of traffic through the residential block of High Street between Edward Street and Union Street.

This section of High Street contains approximately six single family homes and an elementary school (Community Christian School), the report notes.

“The safety concern has presented itself as a result of congestion related to school activities and the presence of on-street parking on both sides of the roadway,” Mattina states in the report.

“Pedestrians have been observed crossing the roadway between the parked cars, exposing themselves to potential risk of injury by passing vehicles which do not have sufficient alternate manoeuvring clearance should it be required.”

Mattina also pointed out a stretch of Smith Drive, from High Street at Union Street to Main Street, was identified by Mapleton Fire Chief Rick Richardson  as “problematic for emergency vehicle passage” as a result of cars parking on both sides of the road.

Council approved a bylaw limiting parking to the side of the road with an existing sidewalk on:

  • High Street from east of Edward Street to Union Street; and
  • Smith Drive from Union Street East to Main Street.