Sylvia D. Woods will be the featured artist at Elora Cafe in June

ELORA – Guelph artist Sylvia D. Woods will be the featured artist at the Elora Cafe at 1-175 Geddes St. for the month of June. 

Woods is a graduate and associate of the Ontario College of Art and Design. She spent significant time in Florence, Italy and London, England and extended trips to Poland, Spain, Italy and the UK. 

All her travel influenced the visual direction for her work. 

In 2011 Woods became the first artist-in-residence at Lakeside Church.

It was there that she began to develop her collection of paintings inspired by Renaissance symbolism. 

​The symbolic meaning of fruit and flowers used in art during the Renaissance and Victorian era, is the inspiration for her painting. 

She elevates these symbols by isolating them from the narrative work of the master painters to give them a life and significance of their own. 

By naming the finished works after their historic meanings, Woods creates a visual dictionary of often forgotten symbols, officials state. 

Using acrylic on canvas or board, the strong, clean use of vibrant colour and pattern are the essence of her work and reflect the style of painting prevalent during the Renaissance.

Woods currently works out of her studio in downtown Guelph. 

She has shown extensively in both group and solo exhibitions, and her work is in private collections throughout Europe and North America.

The public is invited to a meet and greet with Woods at the cafe on June 29 as part of Late Night Elora.