Sunshine & time

I am happy to report that the Family Day weekend was a smashing success in my household.

With its warm temperatures and a Monday off, the long weekend in February was exactly what the doctor ordered to bring some enthusiasm to our lives. Seriously, even the moody teenagers had fun. The Carpenter found his bliss. And me? I was present in a way I so rarely am these days, and for that, I am most grateful.

There are two reasons for this shift in our collective attitude: the abundance of sunshine and the freedom of three days where free time was actually free. What a concept.

I honestly did not give much thought to how much I had missed the sunshine, but when the only Vitamin D in your day comes in  pill form, it’s hard to have a sunny disposition.

Even the Carpenter has been a grump since Christmas. Long days outdoors and more than his share of weather cancellations have also resulted in reduced pay cheques. This does not make for a happy Carpenter. When the optimistic spouse becomes the stressed one, it sends me, the previously-determined pessimistic spouse, into a deeper spiral.

Last weekend gave us an opportunity to open the blinds, crack open a window and start thinking ahead. The Carpenter’s homebody soul was thrilled to have three straight days at home to work on the projects that haunt him. Tools, a radio and no social commitments made him the happiest man in Wellington County. And because of this, I gave him all the space he needed to work without interruption (What? It’s possible).

A happy Carpenter makes for a happy Kelly, (see above).

I also gave myself some space to do what I needed to get done without putting pressure on myself to do it all. I took my Auntie Dee Dee to breakfast, I ran errands and did chores, but then I carved out time to do nothing at all. There is something powerful about allowing yourself to be still. Things somehow seem possible when you aren’t rushed.

Family time was the highlight of the weekend. Friday night, the Carpenter and our daughter went to the movies to watch a horror flick, because they both see this as entertainment (weird), and I took our son to watch the Toronto Rock lacrosse team, because we both love rough sports (not weird at all). Either way, everyone got popcorn. It was a great start to the weekend.

We capped the weekend off with my favourite new tradition: a nice dinner out at a restaurant a little above our means, just the four of us, making an occasion to celebrate the kids’ report cards.

We sat together over a delicious meal, reminiscing over fun moments and experiences, and talking about the dreams and plans our kids have for their futures.

We raised our glasses and toasted to our family.

It’s moments like these where you really take stock of where you’ve been as a family and how you got here, to this moment in time. And just as you feel a twinge of panic that life is moving too fast, you are calmed by the realization that the best days are still to come. Sunshine and time.

Cheers to that.



















Kelly Waterhouse