Safe Communities Wellington County hosts distracted driving video contest

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Safe Communities Wellington County is inviting all local youth to participate in the Wellington County Distracted Driving Video Contest.

Anyone 19 and under and residing in Wellington County may create and submit a video up to 60 seconds long explaining “What Distracted Driving Means to you.”

“Youth on the roads are still getting injured at astronomically high rates,” Safe Communities officials state in a press release. “While you only make up 12 per cent of the licensed drivers, you account for approximately one fifth of all road-related injuries and fatalities,” the release continues.

“Teens and young adults need to realize they are at a higher risk of getting into an accident, because they are new and inexperienced drivers,” states Safe Communities program coordiantor Christine Veit.

“These are serious issues, which need attention and no distractions. Your parents play a vital role in helping you take intelligent steps to stay safe on the road, but ultimately it’s up to you to make the right decisions behind the wheel or when you enter a vehicle as a passenger,” Safe Communities officials state.

Visit the Safe Communities Wellington County website for more information on how to create and submit a video.  Deadline for submissions is April 18.