Right turn lane anticipated on Mount Forest Drive

KENILWORTH – Wellington North council is setting the wheels in motion to improve traffic at Main Street and Mount Forest Drive in Mount Forest.

On June 24 councillors passed a recommendation by CAO Mike Givens for the municipality to waive the competitive bidding requirement and direct staff to negotiate the design and construction of a dedicated right-turn lane on Mount Forest Drive, utilizing funds from the discretionary council community and contingency reserve.

The move followed a traffic condition analysis of the Main Street (Highway 6) and Mount Forest Drive intersection by the new Canadian Tire.

Givens explained the traffic analysis resulted from a previous council open forum which sought to address traffic safety concerns in Wellington North. He stressed the study was to address one particular intersection from a traffic perspective.

The report recommended a dedicated right turn lane which would free up traffic making either right or left turns onto the highway.

“It’s something we’d like to move on quickly,” Givens added.

He noted installing a new traffic lane entering the highway may require Ministry of Environment and more Ministry of Transportation review and/or approvals.

Givens anticipated the earliest time in which the work could occur is this fall “… if everything falls into place.”

He stressed, “I don’t want council to think this is the end of the conversation about traffic in the area. This is just one item we heard about and tried to work on.”

He said he understands council has expectations of a more thorough review of traffic in Wellington North.

That will result in more recommendations for council to consider regarding traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

Mayor Andy Lennox agreed “this is a good first step, but there is more needed.” He suggested one long-term consideration might include the extension of Mount Forest Drive to the high school.