Rezoning to facilitate TG Minto expansion approved

MINTO – A rezoning to allow an expansion at the TG Minto manufacturing facility in Palmerston has been approved by town council.

GSP Group planner Valerie Schmidt, acting for TG Minto, told Minto council at a Feb. 16 public meeting on the proposal that the auto parts company, which employs about 650 people, is planning to add a 37,800 square foot staging area to the existing plant and an additional 18 spaces to the parking lot.

“This is where they would pre-assemble a line before it gets put into the manufacturing area,” said Schmidt, who noted the expansion would also include two loading bays.

“This is for special shipments of very large molds,” he added, noting the addition would mean only “infrequent” deliveries to the plant.

An existing barn on property would be removed as part of the project.

A report from Wellington County senior planner Michelle Innocente explains the proposed amendment would rezone a portion of the 54-acre TG Minto property from future development (FD) to industrial (M1-52) to permit the addition, while reducing the required number of parking spaces for the proposed addition from 39 to 18.

“The proposed addition is not going to require additional employees at this time,” said Schmidt, indicating the proposed additional parking area would be sufficient to service the expanded plant.


“Essentially the county has no concerns with the application,” said County of Wellington manager of planning and environment Linda Redmond, adding, “We have no concerns with parking reduction.”

While Schmidt pointed out the zoning application applies to only “a small sliver” of the TG Minto lands on the parcel, Redmond noted there is also an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) moving forward on the remaining future development lands, which would place them into an industrial designation.

“This applicant wishes to move this addition along prior to the approval of the OPA. It is staff’s opinion that it is appropriate to exercise the flexibility clause in this instance,” Innocente stated in her report.

Minto planning technician/administrative assistant Ashley Sawyer noted town staff have no objection to the proposal.

No members of the public spoke on the proposal during the public meeting.

“TG Minto has been a great corporate partner for us … Every time they do something, they do it very professionally,” said Mayor George Bridge.

“I know there’s bigger things coming down the road, but this is kind of neat and it’s just a great facility for our community and our economy, so I’m pleased to see this moving forward.”

Council passed a bylaw to approve the rezoning after returning to the regular session of council.