Residential project changing to reflect demand says spokesman

The Reid Heritage Homes project at the former Centre Wellington District High School may be changing to reflect market demands.

Scott Reid said in an interview on Friday afternoon that rumours the project is being put on hold are incorrect, but there will be changes to what is being offered.

Reid said that was simply a reflection of what company officials were hearing from prospective renters and buyers.

The approved proposal is for an apartment building with about 50 units in it, and another 50 two-storey town houses.

But, Reid said, there have been a number of enquiries about underground parking at the apartment, something the company had not planned for, but will now look into.

“We want to offer some­thing that the buyers want,” he said, noting that if demand changes for a company project, the company makes those changes.

He said the interest is good, and the changes are not coming because of the economic slowdown, but, rather “special needs” by buyers.

“We’re quite happy with the interest we’ve had in the mid-rises,” he said.

Reid added that the company is in the process of checking to find out if new plans will require further zon­ing amendments.

“We hope to have another plan done in the next few months,” he said.

On Monday, Centre Well­ington council in committee of the whole, approved the removal of the holding zone on the property to permit the construction of 107 units.