Report: remediation efforts complete in immediate area of January fuel spill

ABERFOYLE – The Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks has provided an update on remediation efforts following a jet fuel spill here earlier this year.

Puslinch Township has posted the most recent update from the ministry regarding the fuel spill that occurred in Puslinch on Jan. 13 after a tanker carrying 50,000 litres of jet fuel and a second vehicle collided on Highway 401 eastbound lanes at Highway 6 north.

The Aug. 30 ministry update states the area impacted by the spill was separated into two segments: the point of loss area (the immediate spill area adjacent to Highway 401 extending south to Aberfoyle Creek) and the area of Aberfoyle and Mill Creek.

Point of loss area

The MOECP reports that as of June 24, the remediation of fuel-impacted soil and water has been completed. The site was restored as of Aug. 2.

Work included importing fill, site grading and removal of all equipment.

Planting of vegetation and minor grading adjustments are planned for early fall.

A press release states a site meeting between the MOECP, the Ministry of Transportation and the company’s consultant took place on Aug. 22.

The MOECP was satisfied with restoration efforts to date. The company’s consultant will submit a post-remediation monitoring plan to the ministry by Sept. 6 for review.

The plan includes groundwater monitoring to ensure clean-up efforts are adequate.

Aberfoyle and Mill Creek

The MOECP stated that on July 15 the company’s consultant submitted a shoreline treatment report to the ministry outlining the actions taken to remediate the shoreline in Mill Creek and Aberfoyle Creek.

The report stated clean-up is complete, and no further treatment recommended.

The ministry is currently reviewing the consultant’s water sampling results, but based on qualitative information and visual observations made by the consultant in the report, ministry officials are confident the consultant’s statement appears reasonable.

The MOECP requested a plan – to be provided by Sept. 6 for ministry review – for long-term monitoring of surface water, sediment quality and benthos to ensure natural attenuation is adequate.