Replacing Fergus ice pad is top grant priority for council

If Centre Well­ington qualifies for a Recre­ation Infrastructure in Canada (RInC) grant, it will use the money to replace pad A at the Fergus arena over the next two years.

Council made that decision at a recent committee of the whole meeting. The work would include floor and board replacement. Township Parks and Recreation Director Andy Goldie explained to council that engineers also considered work at the Elora community centre.

Goldie’s joint report to council with Treasurer Wes Snarr noted the criteria for the RInC grant is it must be a re­habilitation project or repair of existing recreation infra­struc­ture – or new construction that is adding to or replacing exist­ing recreation activity.

Goldie noted that munici­palities are also eligible to ap­ply for more than one project, but they must have a desig­nat­ed priority.

He said he recommended the Fergus arena work on pad A because it carries more risk with it. He said it is very difficult to keep ice on one portion of that pad, and games have been cancelled because of the condition of the ice.

“We will still need to spend money on the Elora pad,” he warn­ed, adding that he hopes the floor does not have to be replaced when the ice making equipment is brought up to modern standards there. He said a floor could cost up to $100,000.

Goldie noted that council had designated $80,000 for the work in case there were grants becoming available for it, so the project would be ready to go.

The project in Fergus, if the grant arrives, would include work this year, with construct­ion from September through December:

– a four-ply roof over pad A dressingrooms;

– new radiant heaters of the spectator seating area;

– one new dehumidification unit;

– renovation of six dressing­rooms and one referee’s room, including flooring, painting, showers and washroom areas, and upgrade to more energy efficient lighting;

– renovate public wash­rooms, including flooring, painting, toilets and sinks, and upgrade to more energy effi­cient lighting;

– replace the kitchen HVAC system;

– replace the single-ply roof over the kitchener and hall;

– replace exterior facility notification sign; and

– sandblast and repaint the roof trusses.

In 2010, the construction would run May through Sep­tem­ber and include:

– replacing the concrete floor and brine distribution system;

– replacing the ice making system;

– replacing arena boards, glass, and protective netting; and

– repainting the arena walls and replacing the rubber floor­ing.

The report noted that due to the timing of the grant announcement and possible funding announcement, the work cannot be scheduled until the 2009-10 winter ice season is complete because it will be too late to schedule the work for 2009.

The report stated, “it is esti­mated these upgrade costs will be between $2- and $2.2-million, including consulting fees  and contingency fund. The RInC grant would cover up to two-thirds of the cost of the work.

“The township’s share would be funded from the Grand River Slots revenues.”

The committee approved the recommendation and council later ratified that decision on June 1.