Recreation program plans remain flexible in Minto

MINTO – Plans for recreation programming remain flexible here, as the region readjusts to the provincial COVID-19 framework following the lifting of a province-wide stay-at-home order on Feb. 12.

Public services manager Matt Lubbers told council the Harriston arena was re-opened for bookings following the Family Day holiday on Feb. 15.

“We’ve hosted minor hockey and our skating clubs, grassroots hockey and the odd local rental,” Lubbers told Minto council on March 2.

“It’ll be status quo for March if we stay red. We do have more options if we go orange and we’re shut down if we go grey.”

Lubbers added, “We can certainly do more in orange than red from a programming perspective, but we’ll see where things trend.”

Although the municipally-owned, volunteer-run Norgan Theatre is currently closed, Lubbers noted the theatre recently facilitated a virtual showing from Feb. 19 to 25, in conjunction with the Minto Arts Council’s Big Film Fest.

“We had a virtual screening of Some Kind of Heaven last month at the Norgan with the help of our film fest group,” said Lubbers, noting the event even included curbside popcorn pickup.

“It was nice to see something happening at the theatre,” he stated.

Ticket sales surpassed the break-even point, “making the online event a success,” Lubbers states in a written report.