Puslinch launches pet licensing partnership with DocuPet

PUSLINCH – The Township of Puslinch has launched a partnership with DocuPet, a world-leading pet profile, lost pet, and licensing platform.

Owners now get free access to DocuPet’s HomeSafe Lost Pet Service, and a secure online profile linked to their pet when they license.

DocuPet’s simplified, online experience is especially welcomed as the township navigates a pandemic, states a press release from the township.

In addition to a contactless licence application and delivery, DocuPet also offers the 24/7 HomeSafe lost pet service included with each license and over 170 colorful designer tags to choose from.

Furthermore, funds from each DocuPet designer tag are donated to the Cambridge and District Humane Society, providing much needed resources for medical treatment of sick or injured animals.

The Township of Puslinch has worked with DocuPet to update the licensing window from a calendar year approach, to the new 365-day model.

Previously, all dogs were required to obtain their licence by Jan. 1 of each year. Moving forward, licences will be valid for a full 365 days beginning on the date of purchase.

“Running an effective pet identification program is incredibly important for the welfare of pets. Keeping lost pets out of shelters and returning them to their parents is our priority at DocuPet,” Grant Goodwin, CEO of DocuPet, states in the release.

“Over the past six years, we have helped thousands of lost pets get back home, but there is still the same joy in the office every time we get the news that we have another success story. We are really looking forward to helping pets in Puslinch get home safe.”

“Dog licences are important because they not only protect our own dogs, but help local pets in need.  We’re excited to work with DocuPet in order to make this process simple and service valuable for Puslinch residents,” said Mary Hasan, director of finance/treasurer for the township.

Licensing dogs is mandatory in Puslinch.

DocuPet is offering $5 off residents’ first designer tag purchase with the promo code PUSLINCH5 until April 15.

Pet owners can learn more, or license and renew their dog’s licences online at puslinch.docupet.com, or over the phone at 1-855-249-1370.

Residents are also able to license by mail or in person at the municipal office in Puslinch at 7404 Wellington Road 34.

However, due to COVID-19, in-person licensing options are unavailable at this time.

For more information about DocuPet’s launch contact the Township of Puslinch directly at 1-519-763-1226 or services@puslinch.ca.