Police urge motorists to adjust for winter driving

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is reminding motorists that winter is on its way. Snow and ice will soon be covering roadways, and that means adjusting driving habits.

Police advise motorists to:

– keep a survival kit in their vehicle, with items including: warm clothes, gloves, booster cables, small shovel, windshield wiper fluid, first aid kit, snow brush, candles, safety vest, water bottles, and non-perishable foods;

– travel with a fully charged cell phone. The non-emergency number for the OPP is 1-888-310-1122;

– check road and weather conditions often;

– clear snow and ice from vehicles, especially windows, mirrors, lights, and the roof;

– get winter tires installed. They provide better traction and handling, and can shorten braking distance by as much as 25%. All-season tires are not the same as winter tires;

– travel with a full tank of gas;

– keep a safe distance behind snow plows and other vehicles. Snow plows can create clouds of snow that reduce visibility. It takes three to 12 times the distance to stop on ice and snow covered roads than on dry roads; and

– leave early and take extra time to reach a destination.