Police beat: Drug bust, charges

Drug bust, charges

FERGUS – Two Centre Wellington residents have been charged following a drug bust here last week.

On March 11, Wellington County OPP officers executed a search warrant at a residence on Flannery Drive in Fergus. 

“OPP entered the home and seized a quantity of drugs, drug trafficking equipment and currency,” police stated in a March 15 press release.

Donavan D. Watt, 40, of Fergus, and Christine Therese Cushing, 43, of Elora, were charged with  possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking,  possession of a Schedule 3 drug (LSD or magic mushrooms) for the purpose of trafficking, possession of an opioid (not heroin), possession of methamphetamine and possession of a Schedule I drug.

Both are to appear in Guelph court at a later date.

At least 32 crashes last weekend

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Local police say there were dozens of collisions during whiteout conditions on county roads last Saturday.

“Wellington OPP responded to 32 reports of motor vehicle collisions and received numerous reports of icy and snowy roads,” police stated of the March 12 conditions.

“The number of reportable and non-reportable collisions are expect to increase as many driver’s often opt to report the collision at a Collision Reporting Centre (CRC).

“Wellington County OPP is pleased to report that there were no fatal collisions in Wellington County.”

High winds and blowing snow caused the OPP “to caution drivers about travelling in Wellington North, Minto and Mapleton Townships. 

“A road closure for Highway 6, from Fergus to Mount Forest was also put in place.”

Anyone wishing to report a non-serious collision may attend the OPP operations centre at 371 Charles Allan Way in Aboyne, within 48 hours. 

For more information search “collisions” at www.opp.ca.