Please think safety when setting up photos

As the North Wellington Community News enters our second year with our expanded focus on the county’s three northern municipalities, it seems an appropriate time to acknowledge our readers and contributors.

Based on positive comments about the format, enthusiastic advertiser response and steady stream of news submissions we have received, it appears the community has embraced the publication.

Which is great, because in order to provide an interesting and accurate reflection of Minto, Mapleton and Wellington North through our news pages, we need the aid of local citizens to ensure their community organization is represented through submissions of news tips, articles and photographs.

Submissions are an important part of efforts to bring the news to you. Our reporters can’t be everywhere, but together, we can ensure most newsworthy events get at least a mention.

Photo submissions are especially welcome, as the digital age makes everyone a potential newshawk.

While we appreciate all submissions, we are asking everyone to remember pandemic safety measures when sending photographs. Please ensure everyone in photos is appropriately masked and/or physically distanced.

Submissions and news tips are welcome at or or and you can reach us toll free at 1-844-843-5410.

North Wellington Community News