Nine drivers charged in local distracted driving campaign

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Local police laid nine distracted driving charges between March 11 and 17  during the OPP’s distracted driving campaign.

That is more than double the total during last year’s campaign (four).

“Although the campaign is over, officers will continue to enforce the distracted driving legislation and encourage motorists to put down the phone and focus on driving,” stated a Wellington County OPP press release.

Police are reminding drivers that increased distracted driving penalties, which took effect on Jan. 1, may include a fine increase up to $1,000, three demerit points and a three-day licence suspension. 

Across the western region, OPP officers laid 144 distracted driving charges and four careless driving charges related to distracted driving. 

Province-wide, the numbers were 1,508 and 51 respectively. 

To date this year, the OPP has laid over 2,000 distracted driving charges.

Local police have offered the following succinct advice for drivers: “buckle up, phone down.”