Natural horsemanship: A unique way of giving to food bank and the community

Natural horsemanship provided a unique way to donate to the local food bank this year.

On Nov. 30 Heather McNeil, a three-star Parelli natural horsemanship professional, provided a demonstration with her horse Rufus as a unique way of giving back to the community and sharing with others what natural horsemanship is all about.

Approximately 30 people gathered at the farm of Janet and Peter Thompson outside Rockwood, bringing food items in lieu of admission. In total, two large baskets of food were collected and donated to the Rockwood food bank.

The strong relationship between McNeil and Rufus was clearly evident.

It is a relationship based on love, language and leadership – the founding components of the Parelli program. Their connection was incredible, it was as if they were reading each other’s minds.

The demonstration began with an on-line demonstration, meaning McNeil was playing with Rufus using a halter and long lead rope.

Then off came the halter/lead rope and at liberty Rufus followed her through patterns, different gaits and directions, jumping barrels, and crossing obstacles.

A riding demonstration followed, starting under saddle and bridle, and moving to bareback and without a bridle. Walk though to canter, stop, turn, over obstacles, sideways, backwards – all without saddle and bridle.

How this is made possible goes back to the foundation built through natural horsemanship and the strength of the connection.

It is a proven training method that puts the relationship with the horse first, ultimately enabling all horse owners of all disciplines and levels to achieve their dreams.

For more information on Parelli natural horsemanship contact McNeil at