Minto makes Fire Chief Harrow’s job a full-time position

by Mike Robinson

Minto – Residents here can now look forward to the services of a full time fire chief – although it will be a familiar face filling that role.

On Dec. 17, Chris Harrow was appointed as the town’s first full-time fire chief.

Prior to the discussion of the bylaw, councillor Rick Hembly declared a conflict of interest because he is a Minto volunteer firefighter.

Mayor David Anderson said it had been quite a long process to get to this point. “We’ve been working on this quite a few months, up to a year, and you’ve hung in there.

He told Harrow, “Welcome to the team as the first full-time chief for the Town of Minto. We are proud to have you on board.”

He noted that both of Har­row’s parents were in the audience that night.

Harrow said if he had not been up all the previous night, he might have more to say. He got no sleep because he was at a fire.

“I appreciate all of your support. I’m very proud and honoured to be the first full-time fire chief,” he said.

Harrow said he was honoured to represent the Minto department, and, “The fire department we have is second to none.”

He added a lot of people had sent regrets at not being able to be at the meeting, but that it is also the season of Christmas concerts and other events.

He said his choice is to have the firefighters front and centre rather than himself.

“They are the ones who deserve it, and I look forward to helping them out as much as I can,” Harrow said.

Hembly added a few words at the end of the presentation.

He said he and Harrow were very good friends and that he had known Harrow’s father, David, for 22 years while serving the fire department.

Hembly said David Harrow served as a mentor to him. He noted that Chris Harrow has 15 years of service so far with the Minto fire department.

“I think that shows what type of chief we have here in Minto. He’s not looking for the limelight. He just wants to be on the fire department itself. So welcome aboard.”

* * *

Minto has also authorized its mayor and clerk to execute an agreement between the town and the City of Guelph for the use of the former PUC building in Harriston, to be used to house an ambulance.

Mayor David Anderson said it was nice to have a tenant for that building.