Minimum ice time requirement now set in town

Minto has a new benchmark for minimum ice time usage requirements at its arenas.

The new policy is as follows:

– future operations at any of the three municipally owned arenas will come under review by the council   if an average of 45 hours per week is not achieved;

– the average ice time per week is calculated by totalling the number of ice hours rented during the season and dividing that number by he number of operating weeks that season; and

– a review by the council may result in a change of operations at the arena in question.

At the same meeting, council received a memorandum  of understanding between the town and the Clifford recreation association about concession booth operations and arena board advertising.

In addition to the roles, requirements, and obligations, the memorandum clarifies revenue sharing.

As well, while the association is responsible for soliciting arena advertising, all new clients must be approved by the town, which reserves the right to refuse potential advertisers.