Mapleton passes 2021 budget featuring tax reduction

MAPLETON – Council here has approved a budget with no increase in the tax levy and an actual reduction in the township share of local tax bills.

Holding the line on the levy means a reduction of $10.33 per 100,000 worth of residential assessment on Mapleton taxes.

However, an anticipated increase in Wellington County taxes is expected to balance out the decrease, leaving ratepayers paying about the same in total as last year.

The province is expected to hold the line on education taxes, the third component of municipal tax bills.

The 2.17 per cent decrease for 2021 means the total township taxes paid by a homeowner per $100,000 of assessment would go from $476 in 2020 to $466 in 2021.

Before passing the budget, council approved a motion to defer purchase of an excavator and float, pending more information from staff.

“I really like where we’re at in terms of the overall budget and the zero per cent tax levy,” said councillor Paul Douglas.

“My only concern is the business case for the excavator.”

“I agree with Paul I think we should have a second look at that,” said councillor Dennis Craven.

“I’m not sure we’re going to get enough use out of that to really warrant it.”

Councillor Michael Martin said, “I don’ think it’s something we push off the table entirely.

“I would make a motion that we push it off a year and let our staff create the business case.”

Finance director John Morrison explained moving $290,000 for the excavator and float to the 2022 budget will not impact the current levy, as the money will stay in reserves.

Council agreed to defer purchase of the excavator, pending provision of a businesses case from staff.

Council also approved the budget bylaw as presented.

“I think there’s been some good work put into this budget. I really appreciate this type of budget coming, given the times that we’re in,” said Martin.

Mayor Gregg Davidson said, “We have an exciting year ahead of us.

“We’ve got more homes to be built, new industry coming in, new business development.

“We’ll start our water and wastewater projects that are going to cost us about [$4.5 million] and the construction of our long-awaited water tower.

“We will be still continuing our work on fixing and repairing our roads and bridges and culverts.”

The budget calls for spending of $13,979,233 in 2021, against $5,244,993 in revenue, leaving a total of $8734,240 to be collected through the local tax levy.

Capital projects in the 2021 budget include:

  • $1,155,000 for road work on Sideroad 21;
  • $285,000 for work on the 8th Line; and
  • 133,000 for sidewalk repair.

The budget also allocates:

  • $80,000 for parking lot resurfacing at the Maryborough Community Centre;
  • $50,000 for structural repairs at the PMD arena; and
  • 60,000 for a refrigeration plant compressor at the arena.