Local author to donate 100 healing journals to Women in Crisis

FERGUS – The Guelph Wellington Women in Crisis (GWWIC) will be receiving 100 Butterfly Beauties journals to give to women in need.

The donation is being made by journal author/artist Jennifer Robinson, in partnership with real estate agent George Mochrie, who is sponsoring the donation.

Robinson said she wanted to start the Butterfly Beauties project by donating to the women’s shelter that helps her community.

“Last year GWWIC provided support to approximately 1,300 women,” she said.

“So there is a big need to get more of these healing journals into the hands of the women who need them.”

The journals focus on helping women’s self-love and mental health through colouring, journaling, poetry and self-care worksheets.

“I think that self-love is the one main principle that if we can learn to love ourselves more, it effects everything that we do in life,” said Robinson.

“Self love is, I think, one of the most difficult things for humans and loving ourselves more is what’s going to give us a more joyful life.”

Using something like journaling to bring to light and face struggles head-on are one of the best ways to grow, she noted.

“I know that a lot of us push down our emotions, or we use other things such as Netflix or having a drink to numb our emotional pain, so journaling is a way to get in touch with the emotions that we often push down,” she said.

“Once you release them, and when you specifically write them down, it helps you to better navigate what your next steps are.”

Robinson said journaling has had a big impact on her life, and it helped her heal after going through a divorce.

She said she wanted to take what she learned from that experience and find a way to help others.

Robinson says her goal is to eventually have every woman entering a women’s shelter gifted one of the journals to help them on their healing journey.

“I want these women to know that they are not alone, that they matter and that there is hope for their healing,” she said.

“When we give a woman the gift of worthiness, she will rise up for herself, and make an impact in her family and her community.”

The journals are available for purchase at www.butterflybeauties.co.

Anyone interested in helping Robinson donate more journals by enlisting as a sponsor can contact her at hello@butterflybeauties.co.