I think I get it now, the whole rush to decorate for Christmas weeks before it happens. Not October. I don’t get that. But November decor, well, I’ve accepted that. 

I’m more of a “week before to the week after, and then I’m over it” kind of holiday person. 

But I think I understand better now that the rush to decorate everything for Christmas is the rush to generate joy in our lives. And we all need more joy in our lives.

That can be interpreted as a sad statement, but I think it’s just an honest reflection of the fact that we all have a lot going on, and no matter what stage of life you find yourself in, there are pressures or situations or things that challenge us. 

It doesn’t mean we don’t have joy already. But let’s face it, sometimes your life is on autopilot and there is nasty turbulence. That’s the human experience. 

The last few years taught us what matters, who matters and just how precious time is. We thought we knew that already until we realized we really didn’t have a clue.  Then the world come to a crashing halt. Boom. Life as we knew it changed. We changed.

For a time, my faith in humanity was restored. People did the right things for the right reasons. We cared about and for one another. I believed we were united.

It didn’t last. I was naive to think it would.  So here I am, back to questioning humanity. A lot. Just look around. Like seriously, what’s with people? Sheesh.

Holidays stir up mixed emotions, that’s for sure. It’s complicated. I get it. But experience is teaching me that the holiday season helps us find a piece of the peace within ourselves. 

Even if we celebrate different faiths, cultures and traditions, or create new ones, there is something undeniable about the spirit of the holiday season. Resistance is futile. It’s also bad for your cholesterol. Don’t argue.

We celebrate this life we’re living; however we’re living it. We decorate our sacred spaces so we feel that holiday light shine inside our homes, around our homes, in our workspaces, wherever we can.

I’ve figured out that’s the point. The uncertainty and fragility of life is an anxiety that is best quelled by taking every opportunity to find joy, create happiness, be present in the here and now, and rekindle that childlike wonder that a series of multi-coloured, energy efficient LED string lights brings to your life. 

Nothing sparks joy quite like the splendor of those little lights against a dark, cold night sky. Maybe it’s just me.

I don’t think it is though. I think there is a good chance you feel this way too. Tell me you don’t drive by the Christmas lights on your street and take note of who has gone over the top on the Christmas décor, and smile at your neighbours’ attempts to bring joy to the neighbourhood. It’s joy for the sake of joy. Appreciate those people. 

The Carpenter is one of them, surprising me with a strand of Christmas lights over the doorway, shining bright in the early darkness when I arrived home from work. It made my heart happy. Maybe it’s just me.  

Plug in your holiday joy. Light us all up. December is here. Shine.

WriteOut of Her Mind