‘Let’s roll’ campaign gears up for Arthur skateboard park

KENILWORTH – Fundraisers are ready to roll for Arthur’s BMX/skatepark.

At the July 22 council session, Lisa Hern told fellow councillors she received  from organizers information on the fundraising campaign.

Hern said donation packages have been prepared and the tri-fold brochures were to be ready by July 26 and available at Arthur 2nd Look, where a thermometer is in place to gauge progress.

“They’ve moved so quickly on this, but they’ve done a good job with their – ‘Let’s Roll’ campaign,” said Hern.

Councillor Dan Yake asked how much the group planned to raise.

“As much as they can,” Hern responded, adding projections range from $150,000 to $200,000.

Mayor Andy Lennox noted the project is scaleable based on the amount raised.

Clerk Karren Wallace asked if donation packages could be made available at the township office.

The Arthur Lions Skateboard and BMX Park will be located at the Arthur Fairgrounds, fronting Eliza Street.  The Arthur Lions Club began fundraising for the park in June and the club hopes to have the park open by 2022 in time for the village of Arthur to celebrate its 150th anniversary.