Lanci Pit expansion proposed:

Bulmer asks what percentage of water taking is considered consumptive

ABERFOYLE – CBM St. Mary’s is proposing to expand its Lanci Pit operation to the south.

The expansion would include 10 contiguous parcels bordered to the east on 25 Sideroad S and to the north by Concession 2.

Notes provided by the township’s risk management inspector Emily Vandermeulen stated the site is not designated as being within a current wellhead protection area for quality.

Further, the land is identified as being partially in a highly vulnerable aquifer.

However, Vander-meulen’s correspondence noted the land is located in the future Wellhead Protection Area for quantity (WHPA-Q) for the Guelph wellfield.

She noted the risk level for the WHPA-Q that encompasses the subject property is significant.

This means legal requirements or policies will be added to the Grand River Source Protection Plan to manage consumptive water taking and recharge reduction activities.

The Grand River Conservation Authority, City of Guelph, County of Wellington, the Township of Guelph/Eramosa and other municipalities are working on steps needed to update the Grand River Source Protection Plan and Assessment Report with these policies.

Councillor Matthew Bulmer appreciated the comments within Vandermeulen’s correspondence.

He asked how the source water protection people, committee or staff distinguish the percentage of water taken from aggregate sites as being considered as “consumptive.”

Bulmer said water taking from aggregate sites is often suggested as having no impact, but even with most of the water being recirculated, some water remains lost.

He questioned how much water from such an operation is considered lost.

Mayor James Seeley asked Bulmer who he wanted to respond.

Councillor John Sepulis recommended checking in with local source water risk assessment staff first, such as Kyle Davies, the township’s source water risk assessment officer.

“If there is something on hand, that is great, if not he would know who to get in touch with.”

Bulmer then asked that a letter be sent asking what percentage of such a water taking permit is considered persmptive.

Courtenay Hoytfox development and legislative coordinator explained that for this application, in order to get the expansion to the south of the Lanci Pit, CBM undertook the process of a lot line adjustment. That process is not yet completed.

Once that happens, the municipality would want more information from the ministry regarding water taking.

She added the property would need to be rezoned.